The Galveston Hurricane- 1990

One early morning I awoke and heard a commotion. A hurricane was brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. I had been through a hurricane before so I thought it would be fine, but this storm was like no other that I had been in. From where I was standing I could hear the waves crashing onto buildings and the hurricane coming closer. I could remember hearing the people cry with worry; wondering if they would be okay. Unfortunately, most of them wouldn’t be fine. I had never seen such a storm. It was powerful, waiting for the right moment to tear our town apart. I stayed in my home because it was not that close to the shore. By mid- afternoon the hurricane swept buildings away, including the orphanage near the shore. I took cover in my house and prayed that no one would be hurt, but I knew there would be many deaths. After the storm died down, I went to see if any orphans had luckily survived. Only three children remained and everyone else got swept away. I helped the children and I volunteered to help carry dead bodies as well. Firefighters also helped carry the bodies away to burn them. We carried them away in wagons by the dozens. Many people had to do this and it was devastating to see so many of the people I know pass away at one time. This hurricane is a depressing remembrance of the damage it had done to our town and the loss of many lives. The warning of this hurricane was sketchy because of poor communication. Many people including me, weren’t worried because they had been through hurricanes before, but this hurricane was much worse than most people in Galveston had experienced. This storm has been called one of the worst in America’s history. Water flooded the streets and pieces of buildings lay on the ground. My brother, had a house much closer to shore. He told me that he first heard crashes of waves on his house, and soon it was breaking apart. Water rushed over his head and he felt himself being carried to the gulf. Pieces of wood scratched his skin from buildings and he felt as if he was going to die, like many others had. He said it was a like a miracle had happened as he swam through the water and found his way back to land. He and the other survivors realized how lucky they were when they saw the town. So many residents were drowned and injured. More than 6,000 men, women, and children were killed in this hurricane.


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